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What Does Old Growth Mean?

The term “Old Growth” refers to forests that take a long time to establish.  Depending on their location, an Old Growth forest can take 200-1000 years to develop.  Before the Industrial Revolution increased demand for lumber, North America was covered with Old Growth forests.

Turn-of-the-century structures, both urban and rural, were made with wood milled from Old Growth forests.  These forests yielded superior wood compared to lumber commonly available today.  The reason this wood is superior, is the density.


Wood from Old Growth forests is denser than food available today.  

Trees in Old Growth forests competed with each other for sunlight, water, and nutrients.  This resulted in a slower growth rate and yielded a much denser wood.  Common lumber available today comes from manufactured forests.  Forests where trees are genetically engineered to grow faster, they are also spread out and given more water and nutrients to ensure rapid growth.  If each ring on a tree trunk represents a year, the distance between rings represents growth rate.

Wire Brushed and Hand Rubbed

Old Growth Douglas Fir, wire brushed and hand finished with an Old World Oil.

Tighter grain wood is more aesthetic.  When wood has a tighter grain, their is more character, more detail and more interest.  Our Old World Oil finish is designed to accentuate the character in Old Growth wood.