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Reclaimed Wood + Steel Box Table

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Outdoor Wood and Steel Dining Table



Taking Shape

This Oak Dining Table is taking shape.  Benchmade by an American Veteran is a hallmark of our style.  This table is no different.

Thoughtfully crafting and honing each piece takes time.  Not every piece of reclaimed wood makes it into the table.  Each work piece is selected for character, integrity, and contribution to the project.

Oak Barnwood TableFile Jun 05, 8 51 48 AM


File Jun 05, 9 34 40 AMThe Oak Barnwood for this table was sourced from Southwest Missouri where some of the best hardwoods grow.  The patina and character in this wood comes from a few distinct and unique attributes.

First, it’s Old Growth.  Part of the original forests that covered this Great Nation.  Trees that competed with each other for sunlight and nutrients forced them to grow slow and sure.

Second, it was originally selected by a farmer or craftsman for strength when it was built into a barn.  Out of all the trees on his land, he chose these for structural timbers.  That in itself should say something.

Finally, years exposed to the elements in hard Missouri winters and warm and wet summers has brought out the best in this wood.  Greys, browns, and tans combine together to yield a beauty not found in retail, box-store, furniture operations.


Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table

A recently completed dining table made from reclaimed Wisconsin barn wood.  The wood is old enough to have had hand-forged, square nails in it.  It was built to their exact specifications for size and fits perfectly in their space.

Reclaimed Pine from a Wisconsin Barn is combined with Steel bases to make this Dining Table with great character.

Reclaimed Pine from a Wisconsin Barn is combined with Steel bases to make this Dining Table with great character.

Reclaimed Teak and Metal Long Table

20130923-163716.jpg The top of this long table is made of teak originally reclaimed from fishing boats.  The table has been carefully constructed to highlight patina and character earned on the high seas near Java, Borneo and Sumatra.  In a few places, you’ll find the original paint, cheerful colors, slightly faded.

20130923-163742.jpgCustom built to exact specifications, it serves here as a hallway table.  Easily it could also fit behind a couch or in a kitchen.  

The Craftsman has a touch of the teak barn wood left.  Contact us to submit a project for consideration.