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Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table with white bases. Available in any color.

Hey Mike!   Again, thank you!  I seriously love this table so much.  It’s perfect and exactly what I was hoping for…I picture it being our family table for the rest of our lives and have no doubt that it’s so well built that it will last that long at least!  Once again, thank you so much.

-Ashley B.  | San Diego, CA


Your console arrived this afternoon and I couldn’t be happier. It looks perfect. I attached some photos for you so you can see for yourself how incredibly beautiful it works in our living room.

Thank you so much for your excellent craftsmanship.

Andrea J. | Idaho


Reclaimed from the Clarksville Barn, originally built by a civil war veteran.

Reclaimed from the Clarksville Barn, originally built by a civil war veteran.

Neil B. | Boston, MA

Barnwood Long Table

I just got home to find our beautiful table had arrived this afternoon! We just took it out of the box and we love it! You do fantastic work and we are looking forward to having this beautiful table in our living room.

If it is not to much trouble, could you forward me the photos you put on your website of you building this? I would like to save them along with the barn wood information you sent me. I figure when my great, great grand children inherit the table they can have all the information on where it came from. Then when they go on the Antique Roadshow they can have the documents to show this is a Coastal Craftsman original! I am sure the show will say this table is truly priceless!!!!


Weathered Coral Island

Weathered Coral Island

Kayla P. | Georgia

Reclaimed Wood Entertainment Table

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that we LOVE the table. Exactly what we had hoped for!!
Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship!


68" Custom Dining Table

Lauren H. | Brooklyn, NY

Reclaimed Wood and Metal Dining Table

Got the table today and put it together. Looks really great. I got a lot of compliments on it already…Thanks again!


Reclaimed White Oak, hand planed, oiled natural finish.

Reclaimed White Oak, hand planed, oiled natural finish.

Melisa M. | San Diego, CA 

Barnwood Side Tables

I hate furniture shopping – nothing matches the vision I have for what I want or need. Enter The Costal Craftsman…my expectations were far exceeded. Not only do I have the most stunning end tables for my living room, but they are also functional and family friendly. The Costal Craftsman gave new life to old wood that many would have tossed aside – what could be better than receiving endless compliments and inquires on my end tables and being able to wow people further by telling them they are eco-friendly because they came from reclaimed wood. The Costal Craftsman is professional and creative. I recommend him almost anytime we have a new guest in our home because everyone wants to know where we got those rustic tables.




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    September 14, 2015 at 11:02 PM

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